Building a better real estate transaction experience.

Our goal is to improve the entire transaction for Realtors, brokers, title companies and lenders… and, most importantly, the consumers they serve.

Our Philosophy

Transaction Integrated Processing System® (TIPs) is our technology and business philosophy of systematically connecting stakeholders around a transaction to ensure that every system and application is connected under the proper business and regulatory requirements.

Our Investors

Williston Financial Group executive team members have in excess of 180 total years of experience and success in the settlement services industry.

Golden Gate Capital is a San Francisco-based private equity firm with over $12 billion in committed capital under management.

Our People

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Marty Frame


Our Marketing Technology Directors

Featured Image for: Brian Nachlas

Brian Nachlas

MTD, Agency, Southwest Region
Featured Image for: Sarah Hasch

Sarah Hasch

MTD, Agency, Eastern Region
Featured Image for: Aaron Lacey

Aaron Lacey

VP MTD, Arizona
Featured Image for: CJ Brogan

CJ Brogan

MTD, California
Featured Image for: Eric Eltzholtz

Eric Eltzholtz

MTD, California
Featured Image for: Lisa Suazo

Lisa Suazo

MTD, Colorado
Featured Image for: Larry Hales

Larry Hales

MTD, Vancouver
Featured Image for: Aaron Stelle

Aaron Stelle

Vice President of Marketing and Technology
Featured Image for: Wendy Lunt

Wendy Lunt

VP MTD, Washington